Skinny Tea Gift Set


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Mrs Doyle has always been a skinny girl, is it the running jumping skipping type thing she does at the weekends?  or is it all down to her skinny tea course which she does every spring, summer, fall and winter, with out fail ! well its probably all of the above, so Go On discover Mrs Doyle's Skinny Tea collection of three big tea tin caddy's.   

The collection includes tins of Happy Fruity tea 100 g, Pure Green tea 100 g, and Sleepy Camomile tea 30 g

Happy tea is a herbal blend of loose leaf hibiscus flowers, rosehip, orange peel, apple pieces, rose petals and jasmine. 

Sleepy tea is a herbal infusion and is a blend chamomile flowers, lemon balm, rose petals and lavender.

Mrs Doyle's Pure Green tea is totally the best tasting Chinese yunnan loose leaf green tea ever!


All Mrs Doyle's loose-leaf teas are all carefully selected to give delicious blends that every tea drinker can enjoy.  Mrs Doyle's teas includes the best loose teas, with multiple categories including , single origin, caffeine-free green and black teas, herbal tea, yerba mate, and even blooming tea. 

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