Japanese Genmaicha Matcha tea


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Japanese Genmaicha Matcha tea
Mrs Doyle's Japanese Genmaicha Matcha tea

Mrs Doyle's Japanese Matcha tea is quite simply a great super powered Matcha for every one!

Matcha tea is the basis of an ancient Japanese tea ceremony and has been cherished by Zen Buddhist monks for almost 1000 years. It's the health benefits of Matcha that got Mrs Doyle interested, she's great friends with a few Japanese monks who did a bit of detoxing on the Island a few years back and well she spotted them almost levitating one morning and well that was it, no more bicycle she thought! and she's been at it ever since, though she still likes the bicycle as it's less obvious if you are in a rush.

Mrs Doyle's Matcha is stone ground, just like it had always been, so it's a fine grade Matcha, and therefore it's perfect for your most loved Almond, Coconut and Oat milk lattes!

This tea is a perfectly balanced combination of classical Sencha leaf tea, mild matcha and peeled, roasted rice.

Mrs Doyle's widely known variety of Japanese Genmaicha is of the highest standard. A cup of this tea is a complete pleasure to all the senses, sure you will fall in love with it's spicy sweetness.

The taste is wonderfully soft, slightly sweet and with hints of caramel and the lime-colored cup will reveal a light, roasted note.

so Go On make the far-reaching benefits of Matcha part of you daily routine.

ingredients:  25 grams of Japanese Genmaicha

How to make:

 1-3 minutes
 75° - 90° C
 4-5 level tsp./1 litre
Super Powered Organic Green Tea
Japanese Genmaicha Matcha tea
Mrs Doyle's Japanese Genmaicha Matcha tea

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