Happy tea tin Collection


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Happy tea is a blend of  rose hip peel, apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, orange peel, natural flavouring, dried strawberry pieces and marigold blossoms.

Irish tea is a blend of black teas from India and Africa, it's strong and gusty, full bodied and makes a tea with a lovely golden brown colour. Each Irish tea tin contains a blend of 100 grams of the finest Irish loose leaf black tea.

Hangover tea is a herbal infusion of loose leaf Chinese green tea, spearmint , aniseed, and a few of Mrs Doyle's special ingredients ,ginger, milk thistle, burdock and chili seeds.100grams

 Minty tea is a fine blend of fine green tea and peppermint, aniseed, lime leaves and safflower petals 100 grams.

Sleepy tea is a herbal infusion and is a blend chamomile flowers, lemon balm, rose petals and lavender 35 g.

Green tea is totally the best tasting Chinese yunnan loose leaf green tea 100g.


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