Mrs Doyle's Dreamy Chamomile Tea


  • Mrs Doyle's pure chamomile is a very high-grade quality pure chamomile herbal infusion
  • Mrs Doyle's dreamy Chamomile herbal tea

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Mrs Doyle just loves a nice cup of Chamomile tea on a windy day! The chamomile is commonly known as that kind of tea which you drink, when you are feeling a little low and in need of pampering. This dried blossom makes a very lovely drink, being mild and caffeine free . 

Mrs Doyle's pure chamomile tea is of very high-grade chamomile, very even and refined into really small pieces. 

Ingredients:  pure chamomile

How to make:

 5-10 minutes
 100° C
 3-4 heaped tblsp./1 litre

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