Mrs Doyle's Green Tea Bags


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Mrs Doyle's green pyramid tea bags are rich in antioxidants and great way to help you get healthy. This tea was found by Mrs Doyle on her travels in the East. Her bicycle got a puncture, so she pulled over and decided to make the best of things with a little sun bathing, well, what do you know, she stayed 3 months and took the opportunity to detox with the rest of her fellow travelers in the local ashram, that's where she discovered the easy way to detox, with a cup of green tea in the afternoon, and soon she was partying with every guru in town! Each pack contains 15 string and tag tea bags 

Each Tea bag contains Chinese yunnan green tea 

How to make :

 5-10 minutes
 80° C
 3-4 heaped tblsp./1 litre

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