Minty Chill Out Pyramid Tea bags


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Mrs Doyle minty chill out pyramid tea bags are just great when you just need to well Chill out!  Yes Mrs Doyle spent a little time during the 1960's in China investigating the Cultural Revolution and though not completely convinced by Chairman Mao she did like his Minty Green Chill-Out tea and he did share a few blend secrets. So here it is, a good mood tea that will bring out the hippy in you.So Go On, Chill Out  ! 

Each tin contains a loose leaf tea blend of 100 grams of Mrs Doyle's Chill out tea which is a blend of  green tea, Peppermint, aniseed, lime leaves and safflower petals.

taste ? magical , like a your first kiss !

How to make :

 5-10 minutes
 80° C
 3-4 heaped tblsp./1 litre

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