Happy Tea Tin Caddy


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Mrs Doyle's Happy tea tin caddy contains a blend of 100 grams of loose leaf Hibiscus flowers, rosehip, orange peel, apple pieces, rose petals and jasmine. Its the perfect tropical tea infusion and it will make your taste buds explode with joy. 

Taste ? totally tropical !  it will make your taste buds explode with joy.

How to make :

 5-10 minutes
 100° C
 3-4 heaped tblsp./1 litre

Mrs Doyle's Happy fruity tea infusion comes all the way from the tropical gardens on the south side of the island. So if you feel like going on vacation but funds or time or life is just too complicated? then try this loose leaf fruity tea, and you will feel like you are in the tropics. 

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